Demons in Seattle Uncovered: A Real Witch Reviews the Documentary

However rough shod this piece is put together, you have to watch it to the end because Keith and Don alongside parapsychologist Steve Mera and independent observer, Nick Kyle, FEEL authentic.  If that’s acting, they all deserve Academy Awards.


Victoria’s Secret Angelic Ambassadors Herald Summer Dream Angels

This week, Victoria’s Secret hosted a week long styling suite at a private home in Los Angeles. The styling suite featured summer essentials from newly launched bra, lingerie and beauty collections including the new Cotton T-Shirt Bra Collection, Sexy Illusions, Dream Angels, Sexy and Casual Sleepwear, Bombshell Body Collection and Bombshell Summer Fragrance and Victoria Sport where editors and stylists were…

‘Weird Things Happening,’ Brian Cano of Haunted Collector Says After One Night in Horsefly Chronicles House as Paranormal Energies Hack National Ghost Hunting Day

By Tony Sokol and Maria Deal “Weird things” plagued the transmission of National Ghost Hunting Day on September 30th, 2017. The event was supposed to bring together paranormal investigators from around the globe in a lighthearted competition among peers. But they weren’t the only ones to RSVP. We can’t say these were uninvited guests who…


  As always thank you to Mike, Shana, and Vanessa from Haunted Road Media. Shout out to Tony Sokol and Goddess Rosemary who began the Vampire Culture as we now know it from their early efforts – “Vampire Theater” and Temple Sahjaza.

Witch Legend Zsuzsanna Budapest‎ Blesses Marie Bargas’ Ascendance After NAPPN Debut

By Tony Sokol The Managing Editor of Entertainment 2morrow caught the eye of her mentor, the founder of the Dianic Tradition, ‎Zsuzsanna Budapest, during her premiere broadcast on North American Psychic and Paranormal Network (NAPPN). “Hello Marie! Congratulations on your ascendance! Blessed be” the iconic Hungarian-born modern witch, who currently presides over the Women’s Spirituality…