Demons in Seattle Uncovered: A Real Witch Reviews the Documentary

However rough shod this piece is put together, you have to watch it to the end because Keith and Don alongside parapsychologist Steve Mera and independent observer, Nick Kyle, FEEL authentic.  If that’s acting, they all deserve Academy Awards.


Victoria’s Secret Angelic Ambassadors Herald Summer Dream Angels

This week, Victoria’s Secret hosted a week long styling suite at a private home in Los Angeles. The styling suite featured summer essentials from newly launched bra, lingerie and beauty collections including the new Cotton T-Shirt Bra Collection, Sexy Illusions, Dream Angels, Sexy and Casual Sleepwear, Bombshell Body Collection and Bombshell Summer Fragrance and Victoria Sport where editors and stylists were…

Iron Garden Resurrects La Commedia del Sangue: Vampyr Theatre in a Celebration of the Dark Gods – Let Us Prey – Club QXT in New Jersey – March 30, 2018

March 16, 2018. Newark, NJ.  The undead-but-not-forgotten La Commedia del Sangue:  Vampyr Theatre rises from a shallow grave on March 30, 2018, with creator Tony Sokol and a new cast of immortals. Sokol presides over the ceremony, mixing his distinct nihilism with fresh insights on the connection between the modern vampire mythos and the old…