Demons in Seattle Uncovered: A Real Witch Reviews the Documentary

Unlike most formula ghost documentaries, Demons in Seattle Uncovered moves at a brisk pace with movie style beats here and there. I was less interested in the evidence as much as I was interested in how they were going to make this doc better than the rest, at least in the beginning. I’ve seen a lot of documentaries and at this point it’s a challenge to keep my interest despite the subject matter. But as the production values ebbed and flowed, I realized this presentation was more akin to a patchwork quilt with bits and pieces cut together after the fact. And yet, the absence of the typical slick ,overproduced feel of most programming, made it feel more authentic to me.

As special investigator Don Philips explained,

“The documentary was never planned as documentary which has created hurdles, no B roll and without production cameras. It was meant as video documentation to the case and you tube. All I had were random clips after returning back from Seattle but I decided this documentary needed to be seen by a wider audience.”

Demons opens with footage voiced over by a very convincing Keith Linder, who could be the typical guy next door. The realism added to my wonder even if the film maker in me saw where they could have had smoother transitions with better music. The “ghost hunter” part of me saw all the signs. What looks like the spray-painted numbers “666” are not surprising alongside what appears to be calculated looking glyphs.  A Marilyn Manson video flashed in my mind’s eye. So, from then on, I expected something that would resemble a music video.  What we get is a story told clearly from the perspective that this was not meant to be documentary, but it is just too damn interesting to resist expanding it that far.  However rough shod this piece is put together, you have to watch it to the end because Keith and Don alongside parapsychologist Steve Mera and independent observer, Nick Kyle, FEEL authentic.  If that’s acting, they all deserve Academy Awards.

The first theory is that the house was built on top of a local Indian burial ground. Locals seem to agree and it is likely since the Native Americans inhabited this entire part of the country. Later, it is speculated that the spirits may be Irish Settlers. But the voices on the EVPS sound strangely modern. After all, why would Native American and Irish Settlers  have the same fascination for the numbers “666” pre-Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper? Anyway, the investigations seem pretty conservative and controlled enough to produce some tangible results, but we all know there are many ways to produce phenomena.

By the time we get to the investigation of patterns of what looks like a Rorschach test on a closet door first painted with “666.” It is subsequently stained again with the same pattern in the interior of a car carrying the closet to the paint store. I took a pause and ran through what I do know about these types of investigations through my mind.  First of all, these creatures/energies, whether they are ghosts, spirits or some other kind of sentient energy, are intelligent. As intelligent “things” whatever they are, who are we to suppose that they don’t have some inkling of what “pushes our buttons?” The most potent hauntings that I have heard of seem to have a Native American connection.  That makes sense to me since in reality the United States is sitting upon what used to be their homeland.  They were here for centuries whereas the United States is a “young” nation just above 200 years of age.

Secondly, Don reminds me of myself in the respect that we seem to be magnets for paranormal activity. I am a professional psychic and therefore am very open and accessible channel when I allow it and Don seems to be the same way. I watched him very carefully and saw him handling things at a lower key than even I would because the evidence was compelling all on its own and that says a lot since sometimes people will exaggerate to get what we call “the shot.”


I’m a hard sell. I’ve seen and heard of it all, including tricks like blowing talcum powder in a room lit a certain way to get orbs on camera. Here’s my honest opinion: whatever energies are occupying the house and surrounding lands, whether they be Native Americans, Irish Settlers or the Devil himself, they are not manufactured, and that deserves attention. It just feels right in my gut so to speak.  My hypothesis is the energies involved are extremely intelligent and they, or “It,” are playing off the thoughts and emotions of Keith and everyone else involved. What is their purpose? Food? Entertainment? Revenge? A combination of all three? Anything is possible. But in this particular case my opinion is that further investigation will not be a waste of time.

On the star counter (1-5), I would give this a 4 because I appreciate the lack of pretence. Mind you, the only 5 I would give is to a ghost that could levitate anything 6 feet off the ground and hold it there.

About Marie Bargas

mariebrandMarie Bargas, Hollywood’s sassy the Psychic to the Hollywood Stars, began her career as an expert on Entertainment Tonight (as Marie King) and appeared on the Fine Living Network, and NBC’s EXTRA. She is the managing editor of Entertainment 2Morrow and co-producer of The Dark Workers Live with Tony Sokol.  Known as a talented psychic, medium and spell caster, she was featured on the Love and Sex Report with Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stranger, where she dropped a few tips on love magick. Marie has been working with Hollywood stars and TV shows for years. She occasionally makes guest appearances on television where she predicts the love lives of some of hottest celebrities in the world.


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