Critically Acclaimed Doc. – The Family I Had – ID Discovery’s Mercury RX Dysfunctional Christmas Gift – Airs 12/21

It’s been ten years since Charity’s son, Paris, killed her daughter, Ella and she is left questioning both his chance at redemption and her ability to forgive. THE FAMILY I HAD peels back the layers to reveal a history previously marked by intra – family violence, illuminating the anatomy of a broken family just in time to be triggered by a particularly rough Mercury Retrograde. Have a box of Kleenex ready for a deluge of tears. It’s Christmas and it’s time to tear your heart out.


As Mercury, the planetary trickster and bringer of doom and delight wobbles seemingly backwards in orbit, this little slice of dysfunctional Americana can trigger a tear filled release from your sacral chakra reminiscent of the Great Flood that covered the Earth in the Bible. Multiple accounts allow for conflicting points of view, leaving the audience questioning where the ultimate truth and accountability lies in this family rocked by tragedy. There is no formulaic resolution here that is guaranteed to leave us all in emotional peace and resolution.

Instead, the road to recovery is paved with broken glass and broken dreams. This is for those of us who need it to hurt so good… because this is the season for the all the dysfunctional grown up children of broken homes … so like the broken playthings on Santa’s Island of Misfit Toys ..  to let it all out, let it go and so they can go back to pretending to be somewhat normal.


How is this even remotely comforting?

Simple. You can say to myself, “I never had it THAT bad.” Personally, I’m going to use my practiced ability to put on my latent tendencies towards co-dependency like a Santa Claus suit filled with holes and toast the morbid truth, that as bad as my childhood was, it was never this much of a disaster. Then, I can put on my gratitude, compassion and a weird sense of relief like ornaments on a fake tree and deal with yet another lonely Christmas.

THE FAMILY I HAD, premieres exclusively on Investigation Discovery (ID) on

Thursday, December 21 at 8/7c.


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