Living Paranormal Explores Native American Legend’s Connection to Horsefly House

Darkworkers Live Creators Will Appear on Living Paranormal With Iroquois Supernatural Author Michael Bastine And Horsefly Chronicles Author Philip Siracusa

By Tony Sokol

The varied responses to desecration of “Indian burial grounds” aren’t the only testimony to the powers of the faith of this continent’s earliest citizens. Tribal traditions include a wide spectrum of spiritual energies in the oral history of the country. Living Paranormal Show will hear evidence on a possible connection between the Horsefly Chronicles house and a legendary Native American spirit in the upcoming episode “Horsefly: Curse of the Iroquois.” The show airs tonight, Nov. 1, at 8:30 Eastern time at

Rob Henry, who is also the founder and lead investigator of the original West Virginia Paranormal, will host Michael Bastine, the co-author of the book Iroquois Supernatural, Philip Siracusa, who chronicled his supernatural encounters in the book Horsefly Chronicles, Rachel Rodbell, investigator at 3 Fold Paranormal, Hollywood Witch Marie Bargas, who counsels for several well-known paranormal organizations and entities, including National Ghost Hunting Day, The Dave Ormon House and the Horsesfly House; and her DarkWorkers Live co-host investigative journalist Tony Sokol, the “gangster geek” at Den of Geek.


Phil owns and lives in the devious Easton, Pennsylvania, dwelling with his wife, the Haunted Housewife Julia Siracusa. The house was chosen as the command center for the National Ghost Hunting Day transmission on September 30th, 2017. The event brought paranormal investigators from around the globe together in an international spook-off. But spectral forces are rarely predictable. On that particular night, they were hungry and decided to feast on the forces of transmission. Brian Cano, a paranormal investigator featured on the Syfy channel’s show Haunted Collector, spent the night at the Horsefly Chronicles. Whatever it was he encountered that night made an impression on the veteran ghosthunter.

“Yeah weird things have been happening all day here at the house,” Cano declared during a Facebook Live video on the National Ghost Hunting Day page. “During the event we actually crashed the servers,” Maria Schmidt, proprietor of Haunted Journeys, and founders of National Ghost Hunting Day and its World’s Largest Ghost Hunt admitted on their official Facebook page. “The energy of spirit was intense and many many people were trying to watch the teams electronically.”


Style Coven founder Marie Bargas theorized the hungry spirit to be Oniare, the horned water serpent of Iroquois legend. The dragon like creature is kind of like the Loch Ness Monster’s evil twin who moved to the Great Lakes. Oniare is known to capsize canoes for the tasty people inside.

“Upon making contract with “Rexy” who we named after the female T-Rex in Jurassic Park, we discovered among the Iroquois legends the Oniare, or horned serpent was featured prominently. It was then that we discovered that the Horsefly Chronicles House is on the site of the Easton Treaty, a historic treaty between the British and the Iroquois nations.”


”After ‘Rexy’ scared the bejeebus out of Brian Cano for National Ghost Hunting Day,” Bargas says, she advised Philip “to get offerings of tobacco and corn for the Iroquois.” Rachel Rodbell “went and got the offerings of fresh meat.”

“The Iroquois call themselves the ‘Children of the Sky Woman,’” Bargas explained. The Iroquois mother goddess Ataensic gives them an “Annunaki connection.”


“Sky Woman or the Iroquois Mother Goddess had children that ‘fell from a hole in the sky,” Bargas explained, leading her to surmise an “Extraterrestrial” connection.

According to the official synopsis, Bastine’s Iroquois Supernatural presents “stories of encounters with beings of Iroquois legend: shapeshifting witches, strange forest creatures, ethereal lights, vampire zombies, talking animals, and haunted battlefields, along with accounts of miraculous healings by medicine people.”


Living Paranormal was founded in 2014 to serve as a platform for those that both believe and are skeptical of all things Paranormal. Both hosts, Rob and Jason have more than 20 years experience in the para field and have covered topics from Hauntings to UFO’s to Cryptid creatures. Living Paranormal doesn’t just focus on the Para Celebrities but also the every day field investigators as well as locations of historical and haunted significance.

“Horsefly: Curse of the Iroquois” airs tonight, Nov. 1, at 8:30 Eastern time at

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