‘Weird Things Happening,’ Brian Cano of Haunted Collector Says After One Night in Horsefly Chronicles House as Paranormal Energies Hack National Ghost Hunting Day

jqseic35gp76p0txu0n9By Tony Sokol and Maria Deal

“Weird things” plagued the transmission of National Ghost Hunting Day on September 30th, 2017. The event was supposed to bring together paranormal investigators from around the globe in a lighthearted competition among peers. But they weren’t the only ones to RSVP. We can’t say these were uninvited guests who ghost-crashed the party, because the event was in their honor. Brian Cano, a paranormal investigator featured on the Syfy channel’s show Haunted Collector, spent the night at the Horsefly Chronicles House in Easton, Pennsylvania, which housed the command center for the proceedings. He came out of the house adamant that the Siracusa family, the owners of the house, were right to call the place haunted.

“Yeah weird things have been happening all day here at the house,” Cano declared during a Facebook Live video on the National Ghost Hunting Day page. “I guess the spirits are already saying ‘Hi, we’re ready for you to make contact. We’re gonna mess with you a little bit.”  

And mess with them they did. The event event was “very popularly accepted and accessed,” according to Maria Schmidt, proprietor of Haunted Journeys, and founders of National Ghost Hunting Day and its World’s Largest Ghost Hunt. But it was not without some spooky incidents.

In spite of advance technical testing, “we had issues with OnStream,” says Schmidt. “We crashed their servers.”

The extent of the disturbance was confirmed  two weeks later.


“During the event we actually crashed the servers,” National Ghost Hunting Day admitted on their official Facebook page. “The energy of spirit was intense and many many people were trying to watch the teams electronically.”

While most of the locations were able to tie in to the broadcast boards with no difficulty, “others had tremendous technology issues and could only capture and record the entire hunt,” the statement continues.

National Ghost Hunting Day will present its final analysis on October 28th, but anecdotal evidence pins the source on the signal’s point of origin.


“You can’t work with the Horsefly Chronicle house and not expect some bumps in the road,” says Vanessa Hogle, who worked the Horsefly Chronicles house remotely, “It is fairly common to have technical issues accompanied by the occasional ‘what-the-hell was-that?’ moment.”

On National Ghost Hunting Day the Horsefly house did not disappoint.

“It took hours to get the equipment to function properly,” Hogle says. “Thank goodness for Rachel Wagner. Her quick thinking and  sheer stubbornness made the night, not only a possible, but a success as well.”

It isn’t just the equipment Hogle warns about, though.

“Having stayed at the Horsefly house, myself, it was very important to me to arm the guest with the proper knowledge to take care of themselves after the investigation,” Hogle explains. “Unless you’ve actually been there you can’t possibly understand how this house can affect you. Proper cleansing, and releasing of attachments, is key. If you don’t do this…well…good luck to you!!”

Style Coven founder Marie Bargas, National Ghost Hunting Day advisor, believes that hungry spirit is Oniare, the horned water serpent of Iroquois legend. The dragon like creature is kind of like an the Loch Ness Monster’s evil twin who moved to the Great Lakes. Oniare is known to capsize canoes for the tasty people inside. Bargas calls her Rexy.

“Rexy is short for T-Rex,” Bargas explains. Putting her Hollywood Witch spin on the theorized entity, she explains she named it “after the T-Rex in Jurassic Park. She is primordial, predatory, powerful and can be dangerous if agitated. Visiting the house is like visiting a wild animal park. If you follow the rules you’ll be fine.”

“Apparently, someone pissed off Rexy in the portal and not only did she mess with all the equipment on site, she went up through the internet and ate a server,” Bargas laughs evilly. “She’s happy now. Hasn’t been this full in ages.”


Bargas wasn’t the only one who felt something was there. Schmidt reports that, “Many concur that there was something that is attempting to stop the process. Whether it was spirit, or perhaps mal-wishes from within our own, it was there but did not prevail.”

“We have not collected or reviewed all  of the evidence, in order to cite this association,” Schmidt added.

“If Rexy were in the East with her kindred she would be considered a good spirit,” Bargas says. “In India Vasuki, son of Kadru is the King of the Serpents and the companion of Shiva.”

But would that constitute for the entire OnStream collapse? Schmidt doesn’t think so.

21271259_1952627641672751_3838980573270494011_n“Tech issues were everywhere,” Schmidt says. “Not isolated to HorseFly. There was a bit of folks that were preparing early. I believe Horsefly was one of them.”

The problems didn’t extend to just this year, either.

“Last year we had one team in CA that were in car accident, ending up in ICU,” Schmidt says. “All survived, but they could not participate. This year, it happened again. Team in India on the way to the investigation. Accident, all members ended up in hospital. Another team’s engine blew up, again, on the way to investigation. We need to protect ourselves a week before. It’s not one site. It’s all teams as one.”

Despite everything that has happened, Schmidt is pleased. “But the experience and results of evidence was amazing. We truly created collective consciousness.”

The big unveiling will occur at the Haunted Bourbon Paracon in New Orleans. The Paracon “extended a discount, and personally invited participating teams to gather to listen to the reveal,” says Schmidt. “This is the first time anyone will hear about the collective consciousness repose and impact.”

“Our research team will go over the results, and select to play and show the most impressive evidence,” Schmidt says. “We will attempt to livestream Brian Cano and Bryan Williams, from the Psychical Research Center, that helped us in a segment of the experiment.”

“We will also release the invitation about the 2018 experience,” she added. “It may be pretty special.”

Weird things are happening all over the world, but the Horsefly Chronicles house certainly has had its fair share. 

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