The Perfect Cure for an Anemic Halloween: The Blood Lust Vampire Ball


by Tony Sokol

Sure, South Park taught us that Halloween is all about the candy, but once you get past fifth grade you want a little something extra to sink your teeth into. There are a lot of commercial vampire gatherings bringing anemic entertainment and false teeth, but if you really want to get the juices flowing, open an artery on the dance floor at the Blood Lust Vampire Ball: The Old World! It’s happening at The Monastery in the most supernaturally enhanced place in America, New Orleans, Louisiana. The unholiness begins Sunday, October 29, when the sun goes down from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. You can get tickets here.

The Event is hosted by Logan South, Daley South and Temple Sahjaza Founder Goddess Rosemary‘s children, the newly crowned King Mavenlore and Queen Gia Ahlia Bathory.


The entertainment for the evening will be headlined by singer Kristeen Young. Also performing will be DJ Lore and cabaret legends Brandi Taylor Andrews and Misty Mystique, and the High Priestess of  Cabaret, Lady Gia.


“The Blood Lust Vampire Ball returns for 2017 with ‘The Old World,” reads the official EventBrite announcement.

We welcome you to a unique experience in a world crafted from the most elegant peices of Vampire History. Journey back in time with us to an age of beauty and sensuality where undead monsters rule the night and delight in all of the pleasures humanity has to offer. A formal masquerade ball held within a beautiful historic New Orleans landmark. Feathers, lace, frock coats and ball gowns will float through the night disguising the predators behind them. See how New Orleans became synonymous with Vampires and become a part of their secret world.”

The gathering is a crowning event.  It’s time for a ball! The Blood Lust Vampire Ball will see vampires dance the night away to celebrate the coronation of King Maven Lore, child of Sahjaza House’s mesmerizing Matriarch Goddess Rosemary.



Oct.  27th is registration at Potions Vampire Lounge

Oct. 28th is the Royal Banquet (Monarchs only

Oct. 29th is the Coronation of King Maven Lore and the Blood Lust Ball. Both at the Carmelite monastery and the 30th is the Bad Things VIP Castle Party at the Elysian Fields Castle.

The event is headlined by Kristeen Young.

The event is for those 18 years or older, only allowed entrance with government identification. The dress code is strictly enforced and strictly formal, with preference to Victorian and Edwardian clothing and themes vampiric or steampunk style. Tickets range between $50-$500. Hosted by Dead South and Bad Things, the event promises two things, “Blood and Lust.” At the Carmelite Monastery, where the secrets of the Old World ought to be revealed at this formal masquerade ball.


Your Hosts


Logan South: Vampire King of Austin, TX, Fangsmith, Model and Television Personality.

Daley Catherine: Vampire Queen of Austin, TX, Model and Television Personality.

Maven Lore: New Orleans Master Fangsmith, DJ, Founding Elder in the Vampire Community and Leader of the House of Lore.

Lord Chaz: New Orleans Vampire Tour Guide, Master of Ceremonies and television Personality.

Gia Bathory, the Queen of the Memphis Vampire Court, High Priestess of the Temple of Great Mother, Sister Magna of the Court of Furies, Primagen of the House of Lore, Duchess of the New Orleans Vampire Court and the Nashville Vampire Courtthe co-founder at The Blood Nations Unity Project.


BLOODLUST drink specials available all night.

FANGS by Dark Awakenings Custom Fangs and Dead South Fangs can be booked before the event online at Limited space available.

Grand Matriarch of Temple House Sahjaza, Goddess Rosemary, will be conducting the Third Eye Opening Ritual for all attendees of the Bad Things: VIP Mansion Party which takes place on Oct. 30th. This underground event is not open to the general public and will only be whispered about during the Ball. It will be hosted by Queen Gia Ahlia Bathory and King Mavenlore Scalzi at a secret location.

Kristeen Young will be headlining.

The music will be spun by DJ Lore. Also performing will be Burlesque Goddess Vita DeVoid, live music by Jayson William Allen, the High Priestess of Cabaret, Gia Bathory-Von Ecsed; Female Impersonator extraordonaire, Brandi Taylor-Andrews, Misty Mystique and She Lire.

You can get all the information you need, and purchase tickets, at

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