Vanessa Hogle Speaks Out on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse in the Paranormal Community



This morning a disgruntled paranormal investigator who was dismissed from 3 Fold Paranormal for getting drunk on an investigation openly attacked Vanessa Hogle on Social Media. This was one of several rants that have been directed at Vanessa and 3 Fold since this investigator was dismissed.  We are presenting Vanessa’s rebuttal in support of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Alcoholics Anonymous and the National Suicide Hotline.

From Mothers Against Drunk Driving

  • In 2015, 10,265 people died in drunk driving crashes – one every 51 minutes – and 290,000 were injured in drunk driving crashes.
  •  57% of fatally injured drivers had alcohol and/or other drugs in their system – 17% had both.
  • Almost half of all drivers who were killed in crashes and tested positive for drugs also had alcohol in their system.




To make a donation to Mothers Against Drunk Driving click HERE.

France - Alcoholic Anonymous celebrates its 75th year

To find out more about Alcoholics Anonymous click HERE.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Magnet, SVP05-0126

About Vanessa Hogle: 

REMOTE PSYCHIC AND INVESTIGATOR – Vanessa Hogle  –  III Fold Paranormal – “Legend of Cropsey”

Vanessa Hogle

Vanessa Hogle has been involved with the paranormal since she was a little girl, having her first spiritual visitation at two years old. This made for quite a difficult childhood so she blocked as much as she could from the age of thirteen till she was in her thirties, when she finally stepped out of the broom closet. Since then she has been a recurring guest on numerous radio and You Tube shows, has been a co-host on her own radio show, “Edge of the Rabbit Hole”, which is now a successful You Tube show, been published in six books, three of which are her own parabiographies and consulted on Animal Planets “The Haunted…Leave or Die” episode. She is a remote viewer with credits to teams all over the world as well as an “on site” investigator, when travel time allows it.

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