Psychic Medium Christina George Shares Precognitive Warnings

by Tony Sokol

Forward by Marie Bargas

The Oracle of Delphi give Orestes bad news. (Orestes at Delphi) Public Domain

The love-hate relationship between Seers and the Seekers continues in the internet age of the Troll Bomb and Reading Junkie. Yet, there was a time when the Delphic Oracle was the most powerful woman in the world and the great kings would scrape and beg for her counsel because she was the Messenger of the God Apollo. Fast forward to Nostradamus, who was saved from being burnt at the stake by no less than the Queen of France … and more recently to Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet,  who is still loved and revered. Enter Christina George – a modern woman with an ancient gift. We applaud her as she redefines the challenges of a Seer in a world with hostile, computer savvy Seekers intent on claiming a moment of fame at her expense even while she takes the throne of an Ancient Oracle and foretells what could be the beginning of the End. She will not be burnt at the stake. She will not go quietly into the night. She will not be punished for her trespasses against the establishment. As you will see … this modern incarnation of Pythia in Sacramento is simply … amused. #respect


Christina George

Christina George is worried about things to come, but she’s not letting it keep her up at night. The host of Paranormal Connections Radio sleeps through the worst of her most dire warnings. Christina gets her information during precognitive dreams. Paranormal investigator and psychic speaker George told Entertainment 2morrow, she has been receiving “very accurate pre cog dream premonitions of everything from natural disasters to terrorist attacks.”

George, who also hosts Top Secret News Radio Show at UPRN (United Public Radio Network), said she normally gets the visions “in a dream state, but I also have waking visions and premonitions.” Christina says she has “been having them daily for the past 2 months.” The precognitive visions usually happen in the real world “within a week to a few days.”Christina says the visions are “are very graphic, realistic and detailed.”  They affect her on a deeply internal level. “Being an empath, they leave me feeling horrible, as if I am experiencing them myself.”

Most of the visions are “large scale, but sometimes smaller events are shown to me. I can’t change my experience or the outcome. All I can do is watch and wait. And try to warn people about what’s to come.”

So, what is to come?

George expects “more hurricanes and tornadoes to pop up over the next six months, much bigger and stronger then we are used to.”

“I see more earthquakes coming for the West Coast: Oregon, Northern California and Southern California. I was shown a 5 – 7 to hit in those areas, but I feel they will be off the coastline.” She was also shown a major increase in “new volcanic eruptions around the world: dormant volcanoes waking up.” George warned of a coming “eruption in Italy.”

On an Earth showing signs of changing climate, rising waters and receding coastlines, the aftermath of disasters are as devastating as the events themselves. As far as upcoming flooding, George witnessed “mudslides and landslides.” She feels these events will happen anytime “between now and the next few months.”

Christina admits she is “not shown the time or dates of when this stuff will happen, but they have been happening pretty quickly after receiving them. She estimates “between a few days, to a few months at the most.”

Intro: Prophecies of Nostradamus

As the incidents come to pass, the channeling visionary noticed her view is expanding. Christina says that “prior to last year, most of the pre cogs were just of natural disasters. Now they include terrorist attacks, also flag events etc…  and they are also coming much more frequently.”

She hasn’t determined whether the disasters are happening more regularly or whether she’s become more aware of them.

Christina is quick to point out that our readers shouldn’t “be afraid, but instead be prepared and have a plan A B & C ready for you and your family. These are going to happen, so people need to take the info and get ready. This is going to be one heck of a ride over the next 6 months.”

Christina understands the power of prophecies, “Especially the End of Times ones,” and is adamant on an important point.

“Let me make this clear,” she says. “The end of the world is not imminent like so many say. I believe the end of times means more of an end of the ways we are used to, but I have never been show any ‘End of Times’ coming, which I am glad about.Well at least not yet,” she says and laughs. Prophets can be known for their Gallows humor.

“I don’t really follow other people’s predictions, to be honest; mine have always been very accurate,” she says.

That doesn’t mean she hasn’t studied the classics.

“I have followed both Nostradamus as well as Edgar Cayce,” Christina says. “But again, the information they put out can be twisted or misunderstood. So, I will stick to just paying attention to the info I am given.”

While Christina would be happy to be proven wrong, she complains that her visions “have always come true. I always hope that I am wrong. I would actually welcome being wrong.

Christina, who founded the Psychic Paranormal Research Society, says she “first started experiencing the pre cog dreams as a teen.” She says she “can always tell a pre cog dream from a regular dream or nightmare because of the location.”

The visions “always have taken place in this specific room. Not sure where I thought I was. or who was giving me the information, but since it always invoked death and destruction I didn’t like them and I could not control them, along with my psychic abilities, So I found a spell to bind my abilities.”

Christina was able to block out her abilities until she had a near death experience during surgery for a car accident “and near death Experience 15 years ago.” Since then, “they have been back, and stronger and more accurate than ever.”

From the late great EDGAR CAYCE

Christina has been a professional paranormal investigator for over over 15 years, “Five years on my own, five years on another team and 5 years with my own team,” she details. She has done hundreds of cases including missing persons and unsolved murders. George is working on a book about her life as a Psychic and Investigating the Paranormal which will be out this winter you can find her on Facebook at and her group at

Paranormal Connections Radio is a live show that takes questions from listeners, who can call in to 504-273-7379 or on the on their Paltalk chat room.

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