Author Vanessa Hogle Celebrates Third Book by Talking With Hosts About Walking With Ghosts

By Tony Sokol


The first quality that jumps off paranormal author Vanessa Hogle is what TV screenwriters might call sass. It’s not merely the easy wit and good humor she puts into even the most blistering of tirades, it’s the sassafras tea-relaxing reassurance that comes with it. Hogle’s humor is quite educational. At least, it is an education. While it might be tempting to take her irreverent tone as something jaded by the experiences of living one life in too many dimensions, it is more of an anticipatory fearlessness. She is always ready to go and never afraid to get dirty. She works hard and is tirelessly creative, whether she’s putting up sheet rock or finding the right shade of green in a painting.

Haunted Road Media published Vanessa Hogle’s third book, Walking With Ghosts! on September 26, 2017. “Walk in the shoes of a psychic medium as she travels through England, Scotland, and the United States, teaming up with seasoned paranormal investigators and sharing her adventures,” reads the official synopsis.

“Follow Vanessa Hogle through Edinburgh, The Hellfire Caves, Grace Deux Priory, Whitby Abbey, Sayler’s Creek Battlefield, the 360 Cabin, and more. Discover what it’s like to be a psychic medium who ventures into extremely haunted locations with a very personal view of the supernatural through her eyes.”

Entertainment 2morrow has been following Hogle as well. This author has never been shy to toss her quick questions for articles. The supernaturally busy visionary sat long enough for an interview in the late summer where she explained what her eyes actually capture.


Hogle is a remote viewing psychic and paranormal investigator. She co-hosts the radio show, “Edge of the Rabbit Hole.” She‘s been a recurring guest on numerous radio and You Tube shows, been published in six books, and consulted on Animal Planet’s “The Haunted…Leave or Die” episode. She is studying Staten Island’s “Legend of Cropsey” with 3 Fold Paranormal.  Her book Soulscapes was an artistic trip on canvass through the psychic landscape. Her book Giving Up The Ghost is a paranormal memoir on growing up psychic. She had her first spirit visitation when she was two years old.

“I classify myself as a sensitive,” Vanessa told Entertainment 2morrow. “Although, I’m primarily listed as a psychic medium/remote viewer.

Vanessa is naturally gifted, but with years of experience, she is also versatile in her approach to spiritual workings. She gets her information in varied, and often unexpected, ways.

“Some appear as a mist,” Vanessa says. “Some appear as an image in my head, some come and sit down right next to me. It’s weird. I never know what I’m gonna get.”

She doesn’t necessarily have to prepare herself with too much soul searching.

Vanessa Hogle

“I don’t really have to go into an altered state for any of it,” Hogle says about the timing of her visions. “They can come at any time, and have.”

While you might not be able to set you DVR with it, the remote in remote viewing can also click remote control.

“I can absolutely remote project,” Hogle smiles. “I’ve used this for long distance healing.”

Vanessa also admits she’s “read minds in the past. I chose not to if at all possible. It’s an invasion of privacy.” She prefers to “read energies, hell yes, saved my ass more times that I can count. I send energy all the time to help others.”

The veneer of the sassy adventurer hides a deeply caring interior. The healer is also an empath, and subject to the backwash and backlash of malevolent debris, some of it mundane energies of every day frustration that pour off the people she works with or passes. Vanessa recently began to shield herself when she’s not even doing readings.

“I used to not shield at all,” Vanessa admits. “Now, I have learned the importance of it and do it quite often.”

People are lured to the raven-haired mystic from all around the world. Most come to get a taste of her aforementioned sass and down to earth honesty.

“I think most people come to me because I’ve earned the rep of being ‘No BS,’” Hogle says. “It takes a lot to be considered legit and this field and I’ve worked very hard to obtain that.”

The Oklahoma-born Pisces immerses herself in spiritual magic. “I am Pagan and a practicing witch,” she explains.

And like most witches, the first thing most people want to know is whether she does love spells.

fire-2081195_640“Oh yes, people ask that a lot. And I tell them not no, but HELL NO,” she exclaims.

That is not to imply she doesn’t have the power to make someone fall in love.

“Yes, I can,” she admits, not altogether sheepishly. “But someone should never be forced to do that. It goes against free will.”

The ethical ether-reader is traditional about using the gifts she was given for self-service.

“I’m one of those old school ones who thinks that if what I do is used for personal gain, for me alone, that the exact opposite of what I want will happen,” she cautiously explains.

“Now, if it will benefit others, as well as myself, I’m totally ok with that,” she adds, laughing.

As fearless as her persona is, Vanessa has a great respect for the perils of the supernatural world.

“I have been scared in ways I never thought possible. By things I doubted the existence of,” she explains.

There are more things in heaven and earth than most philosophers dream about. But the internet has brought the shared experiences of a vast spectrum of creatures from alternate realities.


“I see shadow people a lot,” Vanessa says. “Both light and dark. I’ve also seen what people would call fairies. I know…weird, right?”

Entertainment 2morrow wanted to know if the interdimensional vacationer saw connections between spirit and extraterrestrials.

“I believe there very well could be a connection between spirits and ET’s but I think people have to let go of their preconceived notions of ET’s to realize that,” she says.

Vanessa isn’t only a paranormal investigator in real life. She also plays one on the radio, and plays host to a variety of her peers. She likes both worlds.

“I have been both investigator and participant but, in truth, I prefer participant,” Hogle admits. “Let someone else handle the equipment and just let me do my thing. I can communicate better if I don’t have to worry about all that.”

Vanessa Hogle and doesn’t play favorites, but smiles when she recalls that the “most fun and scary radio (you tube) guests I’ve had was the Vampires. Had an absolute blast but it also opened up my mind…and that scared me. I’m open enough.”

People can reach Vanessa Hogle through her Facebook page or Twitter.

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  1. Tami Sifford says:

    Vanessa is a very talented Author, Medium, Remote Viewer & amazing mom ! Defiantly check her out every Tuesday night on, “Edge of the Rabbit Hole” On YouTube, and you can follow her paranormal team with Julia Siracusa & Rachel Wagner i”3 fold paranormal” on Facebook as well, and if you’re lucky to be on her Facebook page, her Facebook lives are informative, entertaining, and just being her !


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