Phil Siracusa Debuts Weekly Horsefly Chronicles Shows on SOC Radio Aug. 27

By Tony Sokol

Phil Siracusa will bring the true ghost stories behind his book The Horsefly Chronicles: A Demonic Haunting, to SOC Radio. The Horsefly Chronicles Live with Philip Siracusa will debut on August 27th.

“Its the one the Paranormal World has been waiting for! The Entire Story of the Horsefly Chronicles,” SOC Radio announced on their official Facebook page.

“The Haunting that continues daily to terrify and intrigue! Join The Man Whose Living the Haunting, Host Phil Philip Siracusa as he shares the History, the Full Story and the Evidence Live On SOC Radio.”

Siracusa will share  “his chilling first-person account of experiencing a demonic haunting that surrounds him wherever he goes.” He will be giving the full details on an upcoming weekly online radio show.

SOC Radio is proud to announce COMING SOON! A Brand New Show! As Phil Siracusa Brings His Live Weekly Biographical Show Sharing the Story, the History and the Behind the Scenes of The Horsefly Chronicles to SOC Radio,” Julie SOC wrote to the SOC Facebook page.

“This one will chill your spine and fascinate you at the same moment! As the man who remembers Heaven tell His Story Live in a Weekly Series of shows. This is One Not to miss! Paranormal does not cover it! This True Story is one that baffles and will keep you coming back for more each and every week! Join Phil Siracusa Live On SOC Radio! If You Dare! , Dates and Times Coming soon. (Hint Early August!)”

“It will be the first show ever, that I will be telling the entire story of the horsefly chronicles on a weekly series which has never been done before,” Siracusa told Live and Undead exclusively.


Siracusa traces the “Horsefly Case” back to a “childhood incident where an explosion caused him to have a near-death experience which transported him to both heaven and then hell,” according to the YouTube synopsis of an episode of Norene Sampiere Balovich’s ParanormalZoneTV – Do You Believe web series, where Siracusa appeared with the Hollywood Witch Marie Bargas, and author and paranormal investigator Vanessa Hogle. “It was this trip to hell which allowed for demonic entities to attach themselves to him.”

“Over time, his mind began filling with evil thoughts and he experienced night tremors as well as visitations from shadow beings. Siracusa turned to the Ouija Board and dark rituals in an attempt to decipher what was happening to him. Unfortunately, these methods only strengthened the hold that the demonic entities had over him and they followed him throughout his life as he Despite attempts to bring in a variety of spiritual practitioners to cleanse Siracusa and his home of the demonic spirits which had attached themselves to him, he lamented that each endeavor only seemed to increase the evil activity.”

Siracusa “remembers being in heaven with loved ones, he was circled by something, and was pulled into the darkness of hell,” according to the book’s official Amazon synopsis.

“He remembers being tortured with thousands of others, and the horrible pain that he felt.  With his strong faith, he was pulled into the light of God, knows this, and he was born. During adolescence, a spiritual attachment followed him.  He was separated by both good and evil and had choices to make.  As he grew up, he had visitors from the other side who gave him visions of what was to come in his lifetime.  When he became a young adult, he sought out to understand more about the paranormal world and how the other side was able to communicate with him.  In his early 20s he slowly turned to organized crime with the mob. After they found out about his gift of being able to communicate with the other side, he gets in way over his head. Phil’s journey to this very day continues.”

phil siracusa

Siracusa recruited various paranormal investigators to “learn as much as possible about the circumstances of his case.” The normal routine for supernatural sleuths is a lot of hurry up and waiting. That’s not necessarily true for people who live in haunted houses.

“I thought I was buying my wife her dream home,” Siracusa told Den of Geek. “I didn’t know I was buying my family a nightmare.”

The house in Pennsylvania is rumored to sit on a desecrated Native American burial ground, and the spirits are still hungry.

“These days when I cook I make one meal for my family, another one for my ancestors and a third one for the Indians,” Phil’s wife Julia Siracusa, who lived in the house so long she goes by the nickname “the real haunted housewife,” added in the Den of Geek interview.

“I believe, strongly, that if you could put the puzzle together, you will have more ammunition for how to remove dark entities,” Siracusa said in a statement.

The Horsefly house doesn’t enjoy the fame of the hauntings at the center of films like Poltergeist and The Conjuring, so listeners hungry for the spooky stuff will get new and exclusive horror stories straight from the source.

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