Norene Sampiere Balovich’s Do You Believe Web Series to Explore New Horsefly Chronicles Case Evidence

Marie Bargas – Psychic/Medium  Managing Editor Entertainmment 2morrow

By Tony Sokol

Pennsylvania’s most famous haunted house doesn’t scare Entertainment 2morrow’s fearsome leader, at least not anymore. Managing editor Marie Bargas will make her premiere appearance on Norene Sampiere Balovich’s Do You Believe web series on Thursday, May 4, 2017. The show airs on ParanormalZoneTV from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Central time. The episode features paranormal research team member and author Vanessa Hogle, and Philip and Julia Siracusa, the owners at The Horsefly Chronicles Paranormal Case.

Would you believe that Do You Believe will present incontrovertible evidence of “A HAUNTING Real Haunted House, Ghost, Demons Conjured by Ouija Board Caught on Tape,” as the advance clippings promise? Bargas will bring long distance testimony as Phil and Julia update their evidence and fill Balovich in on the doings at their notorious haunted house in Pennsylvania.

Paranormal Zone TV was created and is owned by Balovich. The Do You Believe Web Series is presented weekly as a live broadcast on YouTube.

“A Haunting is taking place in this real haunted house, Demons, Ghosts, Paranormal Activity conjured by Ouija Board and Dark Rituals believed to haunt the owner,” reads the official YouTube synopsis.

Phil Siracusa wrote the true ghost story The Horsefly Chronicles, “his chilling first-person

Author Phil Siracusa – “The Horsefly Chronicles”

account of experiencing a demonic haunting that surrounds him wherever he goes.”

Siracus traces the “Horsefly Case” back to a “childhood incident where an explosion caused him to have a near-death experience which transported him to both heaven and then hell,” according to the YouTube synopsis.  “It was this trip to hell which allowed for demonic entities to attach themselves to him.”

Paranormal Investigator  – Julia Siracusa

“Over time, his mind began filling with evil thoughts and he experienced night tremors as well as visitations from shadow beings. Siracusa turned to the Ouija Board and dark rituals in an attempt to decipher what was happening to him. Unfortunately, these methods only strengthened the hold that the demonic entities had over him and they followed him throughout his life as he Despite attempts to bring in a variety of spiritual practitioners to cleanse Siracusa and his home of the demonic spirits which had attached themselves to him, he lamented that each endeavor only seemed to increase the evil activity.”

Author Vanessa Hogle

Siracusa recruited various paranormal investigators, including Author, artist and remote viewer Vanessa Hogle, to “learn as much as possible about the circumstances of his case.”

“I believe, strongly, that if you could put the puzzle together, you will have more ammunition for how to remove dark entities,” Siracusa said in a statement.

Do You Believe airs on ParanormalZoneTV on Thursday, May 4, 2017, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Central time.

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