Ophiuchus and Nature: The Seeds of Life

by Natalie Miller

Do you know of Ophiuchus in her cocoon, waiting to take flight?  If you’re not familiar with Ophiuchus, it’s currently the 13th sign of the Zodiac on the ecliptic (the Sun’s apparent annual path across the sky).  Ophiuchus is represented in our times by a bastardized (pun not intended) version of a male snake handler.  Wouldn’t it be more fitting she were a wise and powerful woman shaman like the Cretan Snake Goddess (pictured below)?

 Cretan Snake Goddess

13 sign astrologer Eric Seligson (13sign.com) has resurrected the true form of Ophiuchus.  “Thousands of years ago women controlled human society. They were the clan leaders, hunters, astrologers, warriors, sha(wo)men (…) Human communities used a lunar calendar, and women were the center of the mystery and the miracles of nature. Humans responded in sync with the Moon, as well as the Sun.”

Seligson delivers as such, “The wisdom of Ophiuchus can be found in a knowledge and appreciation of natural forces, while man’s societies are focused on his hatred of nature and the profits of its exploitation. Ophiuchus rules life, while men are exclusively invested in death.”

“The tokens of Ophiuchus are snakes, which are Man’s traditional enemies. Man’s jealousy and hatred for the skills of the healer have led him to launch armies against Ophiuchus, to try to ridicule, separate and eradicate her from human society and experience. Snakes are the symbol of knowledge, the springboard of understanding the human body, yet they are also dangerous, and unpredictable,” Seligson.

The Cretan Snake Goddess was in all likelihood one in the same as the Canaanite Goddess Astarte who was the ruler of Venus (1).  Russian Jewish scholar Immanual Velikovsky with his spot on research believes that Venus was a comet at the time.(1)  “To the imaginative ancient observer, the divided tail of the comet/planet Venus resembled snakes held in the hands of the goddess. If this is correct, then it follows that the Cretan Snake Goddess was in all likelihood also Astarte, the goddess of the comet/planet Venus,” writes historian Kenneth J. Dillon.(1)

As Astarte, the snakes she holds are first depicted with no tails which morphed in time to plants.  Most likely the artists didn’t understand the ancient connection of Ophiuchus with snakes.  Furthermore, Astarte was a terrifying goddess often mistaken for a war goddess.  

Ophiuchus, with her visceral knowledge of the natural world and her ability to create life, has long been a part of our story.  To get in touch with your inner Ophiuchus I recommend reading the timeless book Women and Nature: The Roaring Inside Her by Susan Griffin.  Ophiuchus breathes her magic on every page… till you become the book.

As a 13 sign astrologer, it’s my observation that in charts there’s usually a “magic” around the energies/planets under Ophiuchus’ influence such as the occurrence of synchronistic events, psychic intuitions, spontaneous healing, and shamanic dreams.  

Take a walk on the wild side.  To fear Ophiuchus is to fear life itself.  

Natalie Miller, 13 sign astrologer



(1) Why Topless? Why the Snakes?

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