Brie Larson Signs on to Star in a Biopic about the First Woman to Run for POTUS: Victoria Woodhull began her career as a PSYCHIC!

By Marie Bargas

“Woodhull was born in rural Ohio with the gift of healing and the ability to talk with the dead. Woodhull began her public career as a traveling clairvoyant and alternative healer: telling fortunes, contacting spirits, giving massages and selling potions.”


Victoria Woodhull deserves the status of a folk heroine of sorts, especially within the metaphysical/magickal community.  Academy Award Winner Brie Larson moves seamlessly from one super hero franchise, “The Avengers,” to playing a real life “super heroine” who was ahead of her time. Kudos to Amazon for tapping into the collective female unconsciousness that yearns to recall its herstory of strong women.

To read the entire story at DEN OF GEEK click HERE.

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