Celebrity Psychic Marie Bargas Debuts on the North American Psychic and Paranormal Network

By Tony Sokol

Let Marie help you conjure l’amour.

Celebrity psychic and managing editor of Entertainment 2morrow, Marie Bargas will make her debut as the Queen of Hearts on the North American Psychic and Paranormal Network (NAPPN) this Thursday, March 23, from 7 p.m. PST to 9 p.m. PST.

Bargas, who predicted on Nov 11, 2016 that Moonlight would win the best picture Oscar on NBC’s Extra! in a segment called “Hollywood Tomorrow,” will offer intuitive readings for love and romance weekly on Thursdays.

NAPPN pioneered the paranormal internet TV. They have been broadcasting live psychic and paranormal presentations with an interactive chat room audience since 2009. NAPPN i-TV has been the launching pad for many well-known paranormal groups and psychics.

Partnered with international video psychic-call company Oranum since June 2011, NAPPN maintains excellent entertainment standards. NAPPN psychics predicted the August 23, 2011, Mineral, Virginia earthquake that reverberated from the Carolinas to Canada on April 2010. The network’s psychic team was instrumental in helping coastal evacuations after Hurricane Irene caused billions of dollars in damages from flooding.

Reverend Chickie Haute, the owner of the North American Psychic and Paranormal Network, is a respected professional, psychic-intuitive and well-being coach with 28 years of continued education and business experience.

Also known as RockPsychic, her most famous international prediction was the Russian Chelyabinsk meteor, the largest natural object to penetrate Earth’s atmosphere undetected since 1908, which made impact on the country on February 15, 2013. Chickie appeared on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and Telemundo for her community and activist presence.

Bargas also hosts the weekly radio program Magick Lab Academy on SOC Radio on Wednesdays. The Los Angeles based psychic adviser, writer and creative producer majored in film studies at Scripps College. She began her media career as a “Vampire Expert” on Entertainment Tonight. She transformed into the Hollywood Witch 2012 – 2013 when her life was optioned for a reality TV show about real witches. The Retrograde Renegade made appearances on the Fine Living Network, the Love and Sex Report with Millionaire Matchmaker – Patti Stanger and was a contributing writer to LA Story.

To hear the show go to www.nappn.net/chat.html, click GUEST: Type your name and enter the chat. You can also pick it up on your mobile: TINYCHAT app Chatroom NAPPN tv.


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