Lex Pelger Chases A Whale of a High in New Book

By Tony Sokol


Alt Variety’s former gonzo altchemist Lex Pelger, an indirect descendant of the merriest of pranksters, released the Moby Dick of pot book. It took him four years of research, writing, work and play, but the first full book in the graphic novel series Anandamide; or, the Cannabinoid, will drop with a book launch party at the Alchemist Kitchen‘s Bowery Cannabis Club, 21 E 1st St, NYC, on March 23rd.


Anandamide; or, the Cannabinoid was illustrated by Sumaq Esquives.


The book will also be available at the Blue-Dot Storytelling launch on April 1st. The Secret Blue-Dot Tour Fundraiser is being held at a “beautiful art house” in the Bowery “for Psymposia’s last psychedelic storytelling session in NYC before Kat & I head West on the Blue-Dot Tour culminating at our stage in Oakland for Psychedelic Science 2017,” according to Pelger’s email blast.


The large graphic novel, based on Moby Dick, about cannabis leads “with JFK, pill-popping & the Beats,” and illustrates “the beauties of the endocannabinoid system (the Whale), the brutalities of the racist War on Weed (Ahab) and most especially, the staggering benefits of medical marijuana to ease the aging of our grandparents.”


Pelger will also produce the Hypnotic Bar & Psychedelic Lounge, featuring hypnotist Albert Nerenberg of TEDx fame at Hell Phone on April 2nd, also at Alchemist’s Kitchen.


Lex Pelger is a drug writer and scientist based in Brooklyn. He studied biochemistry and molecular biology at Boston University and assisted in the discovery of a novel binding protein for the E2A protein using the Yeast II Hybrid system at New York Medical College’s stem cell research lab.




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