A Timely Commentary on the MicroAggressions

This week I’ve been plagued with accusations of not being a “feminist” or rather a Liberal Feminist because I do not support the adult entertainment industry. Personally, I feel that it is conducive to misogyny and exploitation. But, I still consider myself to be a feminist is the purest sense. I believe in equality and feminine empowerment.

By Tony Sokol Chairman Mao once said “Not to have a correct political point of view is like having no soul” and Tony Hendra put his up for rent when he wrote Not The Bible with Sean Kelly, his longtime co-chief editor National Lampoon. Hendra was politically incorrect long before the term became a buzzword […]

via National Lampoon and Final Edition Radio Hour’s Tony Hendra Mocks the Merry Mayhem of Microaggressions — TonySokol.liveacesstv

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