Marie Bargas Shows Her Hand as Crime Watch Daily Trims Psychic Scam

By Tony Sokol

You won’t see her face, but it’s her, hidden behind dark shades and darker secrets. Entertainment 2morrow’s very own managing editor, retrograde renegade and celebrity psychic Marie Bargas, will put in another TV appearance today. But don’t look for her face. You will have to read the palms of the actress playing criminal mastermind psychic Rachel Lee on Crime Watch.

Anyone listening to last night’s edition of Magick Lab on SOC Radio, heard that Bargas grabbed the role of the sinister psychic who shook over $12 million from the tree of Oregon timber fortune heir Ralph Raines Jr.

Lee and her daughter Porsha Lee pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud in U.S. District Court in 2014 and 2015. Blancey Lee, who has been called Rachel Lee’s husband, brother or boyfriend was also found gulty.


42-year old Rachel Lee, 43, of Canby, operated psychic shops in Portland, Bend and other Oregon locations. She cared for Raines Sr., heir to the R. Tree Farm fortune. Her daughter Porsha entered the picture later, putting on a blonde wing and British accent to get deep into Raines’ life, mind and bank accounts.


According to court documents, Porscha met Raines for the first time in 2007 under the name Mary Marks. Those same papers say that Marks later claimed she bore Raines Jr’s son, though it was actually a kid who belonged one of Lee’s other daughters.

That’s just the beginning. For the rest, you have to tune into Crime Watch Daily. It premieres at one, so you night have to catch it On Demand. And, hey, watch those hands.


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