Venus Retrograde Series: Spiritual Author Morgana Starr Clocks In On Planetary Alignment

This article originally ran on Aug. 28, 2015 in Daily Offbeat

By Tony Sokol

During Venus retrograde, the surface of the planet will appear to rise in the west and set in the east. Venus rotates clockwise once every 243 Earth days. It is the slowest rotation of any planet. Astrologers believe the retrograde movement exerts a spiritual and emotional influence on the people on the planet Earth.

Reverend Morgana Starr is a psychic medium and author. She co-hosted “Sisters for the Soul” on Best TV Network and co-hosted Google TV’s “Angels Unveiled.”

The author of “Angel Whispers” gave an exclusive explanation of the phenomenon to Daily Offbeat.

Venus retrograde is not as well-known as Mercury Retrograde, which has its own PR team working overtime to counter the regressive effects of the rotation.

“Mercury is the planet of communication,” Starr said. “During a Mercury retrograde, computers and phones go down, e-mails get lost and people have more misunderstandings in direct communications.”

Starr started with an overview of Venus retrograde.

“When a planet goes retrograde, it appears to an observer on Earth to be moving backwards in the sky,” Starr said. “Although this is not actually what is happening, the illusion can affect people energetically and spiritually.”

Why would it do a thing like that? While the moon affects the tides and solar flares can mess up cable reception, our stellar neighbor exerts a more subtle force.

“The planet Venus rules love and relationships and also money and pleasure,” Starr said.

“Retrograde motion causes you to look backward. To re-access what is important in terms of your relationships and what brings you pleasure. Like a re-run on television, you look again at what has already transpired, but as you are seeing it a second time, you notice things that you may have missed at first. And the Universe has a knack for pushing the things you need to see to the forefront.”

The angel communicator detailed what kinds of changes people might feel.

“Relationship issues that have been suppressed or glossed over may resurface to be dealt with. Luxury items that bring you pleasure will tempt you in a big way,” she said.

Many websites say this is not a not a good time for love.

“It is probably not the best time to start a relationship or consider ending one, but it can be a good time, if met head-on, to clear up longstanding issues so that the relationship can move forward with less baggage to burden it,” Starr said.

There is no reason to panic. People can prepare themselves for Venus retrograde.

“Start looking at your relationships beforehand,” Starr said. “Are there buttons that cause problems when they are pushed? Have you been neglecting to communicate something important or not communicating at all?”

Venus is known as the planet of love. The opposite of love isn’t necessarily hate. It can be indifference, but it can also be love turned on its side.

“Venus is the planet that rules love and pleasure. The flip side of love is lust,” Starr said.

“One side of Venus is the sweet heart Valentine’s Day variety of love. The other is the sweaty, steamy naughtiness of lust. When we go retrograde, we turn the energy not only backwards but inside out. We see all sides of it. The planet Venus is like a love potion. If the love is true, everything is okay. The fires of love ignite and burn steadily. If it is lust, it tends to explode into flames then burn out. Sometimes that is how we learn.”

People have looked to other planets for education for years. Not because of extraterrestrial intelligence. Sailors can navigate without instruments by watching the night sky. But the planets may guide us in other ways.

“Some believe that the motion of the planets is so powerful that even from a distance, they can affect our lives,” Starr said.

“Others believe that our beliefs over millennia were so powerful when united that they create a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. The planets affect our actions because we as a planet generally believe they do.”

Morgana is an expert on subtle forces, which form the basis for her readings.

“I pick up on the energy of the person first,” she said. “If their energy is low, high, erratic or blocked and we deal with that. I answer questions that they have. I channel relatives and friends who have crossed over. I use tarot cards on occasion, usually to clarify something for the client. however, I can easily read without them.”

When you read tarot, do you interpret the cards as they are laid out or do they guide some kind of visionary information you’re getting?

“The laid-out cards tell a story and have standard meanings which can be interpreted, but I usually get other images as well when I look at them,” she explained.

“My guides and the guides of the person I’m reading for will often talk to me while I’m looking at the cards to give me more details.”

Starr classifies herself as a psychic-medium.

“As a psychic, I get impressions, images and other sensory signals such as smells or music,” she said.
“Being a medium, I can channel messages directly from the spiritual realm, whether they be Angels, deceased relatives, guides or entities.”

Starr can be reached through her website The angel communicator recently took to YouTube to calm any fears of getting a psychic reading.

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