Jumping Through The Ring of Fire Eclipse

by Natalie Miller

 Today, Sunday, February 26th will see a “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse.  It’s called so because the moon is too far from Earth to obscure the sun completely, leaving the sun’s edges exposed, thus creating the “ring of fire” effect. It will be at its peak at 9:58 am EST.  It won’t be visible in our neck of the woods here in the US, but it will astrologically affect us.

This will be a soulful eclipse as it’s conjunct the South Node in Aquarius according to 13 Sign Astrology.  It will make us confront any stale emotions, romances, and subconscious thoughts (Sun-Moon-Mercury-Neptune conjunct in Aquarius).  You may have been feeling the effects of this already the past few days, and these planetary placements are most likely causing you stress if you have emotions and “stuff” in there that is no longer serving your higher purpose.  During an eclipse, our Sun, our life (our inner power) is confronted by our ego (our character), our Moon, and confronting never feels good since it’s always better to talk things out or let them grow naturally, not force feed.

Yet we can learn from this confrontation and ask ourselves how to bring our life as a whole, our emotions, and imagination in best alignment with our character.  Are there people or situations, perhaps even memories of relationships or traumas (or relationship traumas) that aren’t serving our higher purpose?  We are given an opportunity to let the methodical ways of the abundant Aquarian energy move us through to a transformed and better us like Ganymede’s wine he made for the Gods!  Ganymede is the Grecian mythological figure Aquarius represents.

We may need to drink a glass of that wine or go to our happy place because this eclipse isn’t playing around as Chiron is at 1 degrees Pisces square Saturn at 0 degrees Sagittarius.  That Chiron placement helps us purge, like alcohol on a cut, our subconscious of things that are no longer serving our higher purpose as Saturn makes us realize that, once raw, the cut itself may take longer to heal than we hope for.

But in the meantime, with the North Node in Leo, remember to not be shy and express your true feelings whether it be with others or yourself especially as you jump through this Ring of Fire Eclipse.  Cheers!


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