Alt Left Filmmaker Emilio Murillo Sets Things Right

Tony Sokol Live ... and undead

By Tony Sokol

The Alt-Right got what they think they wanted by pushing the minority hiring of the orange candidate Donald Trump into the White House in the year that black lives mattered on an almost-hourly basis. The alt right rose out of non-existence to make that happen, pretending to be an alternative community while desperately clinging to a long-dead status quo. The alt community’s biggest voice, AltVariety, was shuttered but the publisher officially tagged me, the magazine’s most reliable upstart, to break the conspiracy.

The alt right is trying to “purloin the alt culture by surreptitious malevolence,” Luke Walker warned. The so called “alt right” did not exist as an entity or catch phrase until 2016. He wants to ensure that the message of Alt Variety “was not misappropriated for the gains of opposing forces and their ignoble values.”

To that end, we found a soldier of the old…

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