Mercury Retrograde Retroactive Series: Dr. Gina Marie Says Don’t Let Reversals Make You Crazy

By Tony Sokol

The last Mercury Retrograde of the year is upon us and it will run through the beginning of 2017. During retrograde Mercury, the solar system’s smallest planet, appears to move on reverse in the sky. While this should be a great conversation starter, it actually stunts communications.

Professional New York City psychic and remote viewing instructor Dr. Gina Marie Capaldo was a featured pet psychic on the National Geographic Channel’s series Rescue Ink and recently did a segment for Fox 5 called Fox Doc: Predicting the Future with Robert Moses. Dr. Gina is a regular contributor to the Connection Beyond 920, The Voice radio program and was featured on Xandermonium Radio show and Madrigal Media radio.

Dr. Gina Marie brought her expertise to Entertainment 2morrow to break down the coming astronomical reversals.

“Mercury Retrograde is feared by many it is considered a time when your life goes crazy,” Dr. Gina Marie explained. “There are three periods each year when this planetary evil occurs, each lasting approximately 3 weeks. All of the planets move in the same direction around the Sun, each traveling at a different speed.

“Mercury’s orbit around the sun is 88 days in length, therefore 4 orbits of Mercury around the Sun equals one Earth year. Mercury travels at a speed faster than earth, and it catches up with Earth periodically, passing us by. Mercury appears to slow down, then stop (stationary retrograde), and then move backwards slowly for several weeks (retrograde). Eventually, it seems to stop again and there reverse its direction (stationary direct) once again moving forward slowly (direct). Then Mercury seems to return to its normal speed of orbit.”

According to Capaldo, this reverse acceleration causes a kind of astronomical inertia.

“Under this planetary influence, communications of all types go ‘haywire,’” she says. “You’ll experience misunderstandings and failures in communication to such extremes that you may say what the heck is going on? The answer will be it is Mercury Retrograde.”

The planetary reversal gets blamed for the reversals of fortunes. It is also a major culprit in arguments and cases of ill-conceived pronouncements.

“Relationships may suffer due to communications problems, such as saying the wrong thing and disagreeing on subnets you don’t normally disagree on,” she says. “In your work place you may feel you explained yourself clearly, however, the other person does not follow your instructions. Your computer may crash, your printer may malfunction, and mechanical equipment of all types may fail.”

The cosmic debris can also affect the normal machinations of day to day life.

“During Mercury your car may suddenly not work,” Capaldo says. “Merchandise you ordered online may not arrive, your monthly paycheck may not go in direct deposit. Since Mercury rules transportation this would not be a good time to purchase a car.”

Ultimately, the constellations are just trying to get us to slow down and take stock before moving forward to the next phase.

“Mercury retrograde wants us to move back,” she says. “It is a time that gives us a chance to re-examine various areas of our life which may need some attention , so that we can move forward to a bright new time. We often have major breakthroughs during this time emotional, spiritual, and intellectual. This time is also a great time to tie up any loose ends, unfinished projects that may need to be done. With that said, this is also a time where it is very common for old lovers, friends and acquaintances to reunite.


“However, like everything else in life, these occurrences are not steadfast and your experiences may differ from these generalities. Never let your life be ruled but he planets! If you have to sign a contract begin a new job or purchase a new car during this time do it! Some people are very sensitive to Mercury cycles and find that certain activities are difficult during Mercury Retrograde, while others do not experience any problems. Your experience during Mercury Retrograde has a lot to do with planetary placements at your birth, as well as the current positions of the planets. The best way to understand how Mercury Retrograde affects you is to track your experiences during this time. “



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