Retrograde Renegade Marie Bargas Fights Back Against Mercury’s Uprising

Tony Sokol Live ... and undead

By Tony Sokol

Mercury, it’s a tiny planet that exerts quite an influence over our solar system. Every 84 days it comes between the earth and the sun and the ensuring magnetic pull wreaks havoc on communications, electronics and scheduling. They call that retrograde. If you’re looking at the sun in the early hours of the morning, it looks like Mercury is moving backwards in the sky. People stay indoors during retrograde. They don’t sign contracts. They don’t get their cars fixed. Some of them don’t even comb their hair. Forget about blind dates.

Well? Fuck that, says Marie Bargas. She’s a tiny psychic who exerts quite an influence over her metaphysical students. Every 84 days she chants to Hindu deities and angels to wreak havoc on the counter-productive reversals of the closest planet to the sun. Marie Bargas is a Retrograde Renegade, a warrior priestess who cuts off…

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