Looking Glass Shattered

by Andie Lee


The world looked on through slotted fingers as millions of Americans took to the polls to cast their ballots for president of the United States. Many people thought Secretary Clinton had it in the bag. I was not one of them.

Her track record and poorly run campaign was doomed from the start. Surrounded by scandals and failure to connect with the working poor and middle classes was a death knell.

Whereas President Elect  Trump for all of his bravado and “Jerry Springer” antics got him free publicity. He pandered to the disenfranchised who desperately wanted change and bonded with them.

Some see Trump as the Devil while others are calling him the Savior of America. Now, I don’t know about all of that but here’s what I do know. Secretary Clinton would’ve continued President Obama’s agenda to force Russia’s hand thus igniting WW3. Don’t believe me? Do your research and find out on your own.

Then came “WTF America? You just voted in a megalomaniac!” Well, aren’t they all? Fine we drank the acid laced Kool-Aid, followed the White Rabbit down the hole and fell through the looking glass shattering it.

Drink up Alice this ride is just getting started.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Caddy says:

    Loved this article..Spot on Andie Lee…I cant wait to hear more from you.. Whats your take on Obama Care.?


  2. Caddy says:

    Wow spot on Andie Lee… I cant wait to hear more from you. Whats your take on possible Obama Care abolishment?


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