Call for Writers: E2 is Reporting on the Re-Birth of the New Counterculture


This evening as I watched the unfolding drama of the protests, especially the student protests nationwide, I was triggered into remembering the newsreel footage I watched in school of the student protests that occurred in 1960’s that coincided with one of the greatest, most productive artistic periods in history. I remember the original 1960’s Counterculture:  the art, the music, the literature, the poetry and the fashion that was inspired by: the Civil Rights Movement, Feminism, LGBT Rights, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly and the Anti-War Movement.

As Managing Editor I have decided to cover those topics  and we’re going to add some new topics that are in line with the times: Legalization of Marijuana (Canna Culture), Transgender Rights, Paganism (Religious Freedom), Global Warming, the Environment, Renewable Resources , Social Reforms, Globalization … as expressed in all artistic mediums. We are also including Alternative Healing and Alternative Lifestyles as well. Counterculture changed the world back then and we predict that it will again. And just to make sure, we’re going to tell you all about it.

You say you want a revolution? Well, mercy, mercy me. It’s like a jungle sometimes. The revolution will not be televised by Fox in four parts without commercial interruptions. It might be caught on cellphone cameras, but it won’t be televised. The sound of the counterculture will rise from the streets to counter the counter-revolution that is oozing from the dust bowl of scattered humanity. Yesterday’s Vietnam is today’s Aleppo and the DJs, the drummers, the singers the rappers and the guitarists are laying down the beat to the march. What can a poor boy do except to sing for a rock and roll band? He can rap on the streets and on stage while his friends cut a music video from footage shot on an iphone and upload it to YOUTUBE. 

And so to remain on the avant garde of this rebirth, we are looking for a few good writers who have a lot to say about the next wave of counterculture.

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