Tila Tequila Fits The Universe in Her Vagina

By Tony Sokol

Tila Tequila is bending reality again with her pussy control. The former reality TV star-turned-Illuminati-exposer-turned-Nazi/Trump propagandist, unless that’s her spiritual walk-in from multiple deaths and a brain aneurysm, wants to remind everyone that this universe belongs to her and we just swim in it.

“All of you are located in my vagina and you don’t even realise it! It’s were the void is located,” Tila Tweeted on Halloween. “Smh! Wake up!”

“It’s fun manipulating reality!,” she added moments later.

And Tila ought to know. She has been changing realities since she burst onto the scene as Myspace’s first celebrity before becoming the Ambien of the soul.

“My will is way more powerful than any of yours. So what I wish will be!” Tila tweeted ‏@AngelTilaLove  on Nov 1.

Tila Tequila holds the HuffPost honor of “Weirdest Celebrity Video Ever” for a YouTube entry showing her using her superpowers to create energy balls out of thin air. Tequila’s tweets and tweedles took a darker turn after the brain aneurysm, as she posted Nazi apologensia and promised ascension through sensual guided meditations. David Icke threw charges that she was brainwashing Tila’s Army with hypnotic frequency beams and threw numbers all over it, though it looked more like she was on her way to becoming a fin domme.

“It’s fun being hypnotized by me! I’m still under my own hypnosis as I tweet this! Could you imagine how fun that is? #TasteTheRainbow  Lulz,” she tweeted earlier this year.

Photo from Wikimedia commons by Glenn Francis.


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