Hillary’s ‘Hot & Nasty’ Burger Trounces Trump’s ‘Totally Rigged’ Wrap in the Only Tasteful Election Today

the-bia-restaurant-menu-polls-open-inforgraphicThe Palate Ballot is back!

The outcome of the last Presidential election was predicted by the menu choices of some culturally diverse patrons at the American style diners in Paris, Breakfast in America. During the 2012 election, screenwriter turned entrepreneur and newly minted NY Times best-selling author for his memoir Pancakes in Paris, Craig Carlson created two Blue Plate Specials – the delicious Obama burger and the delectable Romney omelet.

The palate preference poll resulted in Obama by a landslide….and so did the election! This week, Mr. Carlson announced his 2016 Blue Plate being served for Breakfast in America’s 2016 election inspired menu items at two locations in Paris.


Hillary’s “Hot & Nasty” Hamburger – It’s a double cheeseburger served with jalapeños and hot sauce on the side. (Like Hillary, who always carries a bottle of Tabasco in her purse). “Mmm-mm! Nasty never tasted this good!”

Trump’s “Totally Rigged” Wrap – (Putin Approved) Ground beef, dried red pepper flakes, salsa, sour cream & sour pickles all on a tortilla, served with a “wall” of tortilla chips. In a word: “Wrong!”

“The blue plate specials give our customers, both French and American, the chance to cast their gastro-political vote. It makes for lively conversation at the diner every four years,” said Carlson enthusiastically. “We’re inviting everyone to voice their opinions and submit their ideas for blue plate specials named after each presidential candidate. The winner will have his or her Hillary and Trump special served in both diners until November, 8th, at which time we’ll tally up the votes to see who has won BIA’s special Presidential Election!”

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  1. gailparenteau says:

    For more information:
    Instagram Pancakes in Paris
    Publisher: SourceBooks
    Available on Amazon.com and Amazon.fr and BN.com


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