Will 60 year old Mel Gibson’s 26 Year Old Pregnant Girlfriend Be a Runaway Bride or Just Another Damsel in Distress?

Wiki Commons Cannes 2016

While other publications seem to be ignoring Mel Gibson’s abysmal relationship track record, E2 predicts that this may herald yet another trip down to the courthouse and not down the aisle.  Even though the Oscar winner seems to be back on track with his first major role in five years in Blood Father, and his first directorial effort in a decade, Hacksaw Ridge, insiders are hesitant to predict this this new relationship with Rosalind Ross will lead to “happily ever after.” Instead, it may be yet another installment of the legend of Mel Gibson, the man who just could keep his shit together. After all, the odds of a  successful marriage between a 60 year old man and a 26 year old woman who is younger than  6 of his 8 kids are pretty slim. But then again this is Hollywood … and just last year we thought that Brad and Angie were happy. Who knew?

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