Alien Con 2016: Ancient Aliens Creator Kevin Burns Takes on Shiva the Destroyer

By Tony Sokol

The HISTORY Channel and Cosmic Con will be throwing the 1st Annual ALIEN CON on October 28-30 in Santa Clara, California, and all manner of space debris is falling. Kevin Burns, the creator Ancient Aliens, hosted by Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, has been catching and collecting cosmic fallout for over 11 seasons. Kevin Burns sat down for an exclusive chat with Entertainment 2morrow.

Burns says working through ancient astronaut theories is a “learning experience. We’re all open-minded about it. We take it very seriously.”

Burns is quick to point out that his speculative science future show is by no means the first to postulate that extraterrestrials were at play on the planet, directing and guiding mankind. India’s Hindu followers, which Apu Nahasapeemapetilon from The Simpsons estimates at about 750 million, think Ancient Aliens is only catching up to what they’ve known for thousands of years.

Ancient Aliens did an episode on Shiva the Destroyer on September 2, 2016, theorizing that the Hindu deity had its origins as an ancient astronaut.

“Shiva the Destroyer,” Burns posits, “could very well be historically based prophetic tales that were passed on from generation to generation. Shilo, a fellow who went to film school with me in Boston, years ago, is one of the folks we depend on when we film in India.”

The former film student told the producer “you are finally getting smart,” Burns recounts. “For you, this is fantasy. For us, this is history. It’s one of the reasons Ancient Aliens is a hugely popular show in India. They consider it to be absolutely fact-based and long-overdue. They think we’re just catching up to what they’ve known all along. About the origins of life on this planet.

“Their religion is totally based on extraterrestrials as, by the way, all religions are.  I think that’s why our show is eerily compatible with religion: because very single religion is based on the idea of angels or creatures coming from the sky and either creating man or giving man knowledge and technology. Every single one, from ancient Greece and Rome to Norse Mythology. To those things really fascinate me. “

Burns believes that fascination is a universal part of the human collective subconscious that spawned all religions, but he thinks the human race suffers from collective amnesia. He subscribes to the theory that the history we know is only part of the story of the planet and that the clues that have been uncovered have been used by all spiritual traditions to explain the unknown.

“I’m more convinced that we’re onto something because over and over something like 10,000 years ago, before the ice age there was some huge cataclysmic event on this planet,” Burns says. “Probably some big meteor strike or something of that nature. That knocked the planet back several thousands of years and I think it is entirely possible to assume that there was a pre-flood civilization.

“It corresponds to the great flood and this cataclysmic event, I believe that the great flood existed I think most historians and geologists acknowledge this as well as most theologians. Prior to this great flood, which was possibly 10,000 years ago, there was a civilization of some sort. Possibly very sophisticated, but we don’t know because there is very little evidence of it remaining. But that civilization might very well have destroyed itself or been destroyed.

“It seems fascinating that in virtually all ancient scripture from Judeo-Christian to Hindu, Muslim, Buddhists, even Native Americans, there are references to such a flood. There are references to the cataclysm. A lot of what scientists dismiss as quaint mythic stories could very well have their origins I some kind of historical fact,” he concludes.

Burns points out that the belief in help from above is widespread and permeated the consciousness of peoples far removed from the Hindu influence.


“At the top of the Capitol dome in Washington DC, is a statue,” Burns says. “It is a female Goddess with stars ringing her hair and an eagle in her hair. It’s the basis for the statue of liberty. If you ask most people who that statue is, they think it’s Columbia, which comes from Greece or Rome, but it’s the Iroquois Sky Goddess.

“The Iroquois sky goddess supposedly descended from the stars. Weirdly enough, the Iroquois myth is that she saw North America from space in the shape of a turtle and landed on the turtle. But you have to ask yourself, “how did the ancient Iroquois people know that North America looked like a turtle from outer space? Because it does. You go on and on and on until it hurts your brain.”

The producer thinks the show has also brought to light some of the ancient wisdom of spiritual beliefs and even how things like the use of Tantra energy has been passed down through the ages.

“We connected ancient astronaut theory to meditation to the power of prayer,” Burns says. “On another level, the Hindus believe in something called the Akashic records, which is the collective knowledge of past, present and future out into the universe. They believe that through prayer and meditation you can connect to it and get inspiration and genius.”

“One thing we found is that all geniuses, whether it’s Einstein or da Vinci or Tesla, they all believed in meditation. They all meditated to come up with inspiration.”


Burns believes there is a connection with the past Akashic records and the technology that is being developed today.

“It sounds suspiciously like Wi-Fi and the Cloud,” Burns says. “We’re building a cloud with the collective intelligence of the past and, arguably, the future that we can connect with. How do we know that we are not, through computers and the cloud and all the wireless technology, just replicating an ancient system of communication that existed tens of thousands of years ago?”

HISTORY Channel and Cosmic Con’s the 1st Annual ALIEN CON is happening on October 28-30 in Santa Clara, CA. You can get tickets here. You can read more of this conversation with Kevin Burns at Den of Geek.

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