Why Can’t the Rest of the Media Acknowledge that Kim Kardashian is Now Suffering from PTSD?

Wiki Commons – 2011

In the aftermath of the robbery last month in Paris Kim Kardashian is being treated as if she should “just get over it” and get on with her life. To many sufferers of PTSD Kanye’s insistence that she attend his concerts seems cruel and with good reason. As Hollywood Life reported earlier today, 

Since being held at gunpoint almost a month ago, Kim has only been seen out in public a handful of times, but she made sure not to miss an opportunity to support her man. As we EXCLUSIVELY reported, ‘Ye really wanted her there, so it’s super sweet that she stepped out of her comfort zone to make an appearance. Kendall Jenner, 20, Kris Jenner, 60, and Corey Gamble were also at the show.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians cameras were filming throughout the night, which would reportedly make it the first time Kim has filmed for the reality series since being robbed. It has yet to be confirmed how (or if) she’ll address the horrifying ordeal for the show.

According the WebMD there are 10 essential principles of recovery.

  1. Your recovery is self-directed. You find your way to recovery through personal control, good decision-making, and independence. The choices you make are yours and yours alone.

  2. Your path is based on your personal needs, likes, and experiences. If you see your recovery as an ongoing journey, you’ll be able to find the best physical and mental health.

  3. Your recovery empowers you. You’re the only person who can turn your decisions into actions.

  4. Your recovery includes your mental, physical, and spiritual needs. It includes your family, friends, job, and community.

  5. Your recovery will have ups and downs. It’s not a step-by-step process. It’s a long-term process where you grow and build on your successes and setbacks.

  6. Your recovery is based on your ability to bounce back, cope, and make use of other talents. Value yourself and build on these strengths.

  7. Your recovery includes support from others. Make friends and build relationships. Join groups where you can help others and find purpose for yourself.

  8. Your recovery lets you respect yourself. Believe in yourself and meet your goals. Accept and take pride in what you can do.

  9. Your recovery shows that you take responsibility for yourself. Find the courage to work toward your goals.

  10. Your recovery gives you hope. You can overcome your problems.

E2 wants to know if the producers of Keeping with the Kardashians realize that forcing her to make public appearances before she’s fully recovered could be detrimental to her mental health.  Kim is a victim  that needs time and space to recover in her own time … not according to the shooting schedule of her reality show. She is a human being regardless of her fame and like all of us she deserves time to heal outside of the public eye … no questions asked. Time will tell.

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