Khloe Karshashian’s Ex Lamar Odom Hits a New Low by Complaining of Khloe’s Smelly Vajajay in Court

from Instagram

“Don’t  let the ass fool you, it was so big that she couldn’t wash that MF. They spend all this money on getting new asses not thinking that it gonna take twice as long to wash it.  Kanye use to send me page long messages about how he use to sleep in the car some nights because of Kim.” Lamar Odom (about the asses of his ex-wife and in-laws).

Just when you thought that former NBA Star Lamar Odom could not sink any lower, Odom was summarily kicked out of a North Hollywood Court recently for venting publicly about his ex’s nether regions. Talk about dirty laundry. Odom has hung the Kardashian “nickers” out to dry and is very open about discussing their odor and state of cleanliness. Tsk … Tsk … Tsk …

To read full coverage on click HERE.

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