Sharon Osbourne Invests in Smart Mattress to Catch Ozzy Next Time He Cheats – But What if He Doesn’t Use the Bed?


Yesterday, the Daily Mail reported that a desperate Sharon Osbourne has invested in a “smart mattress,” a contraption rigged with 24 censors that  will alert  her cell phone if the marital bed is being used in a “questionable way.” Of course the object of this modern mouse trap is to catch Ozzy in flagrante delicto … because it a appears that if the cat’s away the mice will play.

However, E2 finds it odd that everybody assumes that the act will be performed in bed, even after this story which has gone viral has given Ozzy more than enough time to: 1) join the “mile high club,” 2) opt to have sex in the shower or in the bath tub, 3) or just continue to have sex in hotels where Sharon does not have a smart mattress strategically placed.

What’s really going on?

To read the whole story in click HERE.

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