Fifi Rong Takes Away Our Future

by Tony Sokol

A magazine called Entertainment 2morrow relies on what’s to come in order to keep up with the news that hasn’t hit yet. Fifi Rong’s new song is a hypnotic anti-progression that gets into your mind and expands the senses. Rong’s latest single “Future Never Comes” is the follow up to her Forbidden Desire EP.

“I’m excited to announce my new single ‘Future Never Comes’ is officially coming out on 04 Nov 2016,” Rong announced in an email blast. “Pre-release is now available for free download for those ones who have joined my recent Pledge Campaign.

“My launch show for it is also on the same day at The Century Club, Shaftesbury Avenue in London! It’s going to be a very special night at an exclusive venue. There won’t be tickets on the door, so book yours in advance.


Future Never Comes is the result of a collaboration Rifi performed with a fan who pledged to write/produce a song with during her first Pledge campaign. The song’s gentle admonition is framed in the soothing layers of a descending melody, the lulling notes sound almost familiar as they slowly work their way into the brain as ear worms.

“Fifi Rong is a unique artist and producer based in London,” reads Rong’s Facebook bio. “Eccentric, deep and honest, Fifi brings pure emotional intimacy into her songs with a mesmerizing voice, nuanced with the flair of her Chinese heritage.”

Fifi has collaborated with artists like Tricky, Phaeleh and Yello. She also lent her voice to the title track of Skepta’s Konnichiwa album.

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