Morgellons, A Crime of Silence [EXCLUSIVE]

Tony Sokol Live ... and undead

By Tony Sokol

Cult Filmmaker Vanity Styles Captures Chemtrails on Camera then grows fibrous Morgellons

Vanity Styles had no intention of being in the middle of a controversial chemical conspiracy. The only things the adult entertainer and filmmaker ever expected to occasionally see popping out unexpectedly was her breasts. Styles was in the middle of shooting her film Desperate Fate, a top-heavy Supervixen homage to Russ Myers’ cinematic world, when her life was changed by the appearance of small strands of thread weaving their way out of her body. She had them examined and ultimately found that they were a strange phenomenon called Morgellons.


“It’s like a nightmare horror sci fi movie,” Styles explained to Live and Undead exclusively. “A part of me never wants to think about it again and another part of me wants the past almost two years back. I also want to raise awareness and…

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