Killer Clowns terrorizing the nation

By Scary Carrie

What in the world is going on in America? There seems to be an epidemic of scary looking clowns about. I’m not talking about politicians; I’m talking about actual clowns.  In South Carolina at an apartment complex, several people reported to authorities and the media that individuals dressed as clowns were trying to lure children into the woods. Sightings happened in Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia and in other states since then. This isn’t the first time a string of scary clown sightings happened.


There were reports in the streets of Los Angeles and Chicago of clown sightings, in the summer of 2015. In one instance, someone dressed as a clown was trespassing in a graveyard. However, it seems, the clowns have stepped up their game. There are now several reports of clowns carrying machetes and other weapons while chasing people. Just recently, a Pennsylvania teenager was stabbed by someone reportedly wearing a clown mask. Countless videos have surfaced onto YouTube of people being chased or attacked by clowns. In other instances, you see videos of people chasing clowns such as the student body at PennState taking to the streets hunting for clowns.

Whether or not this is some underground movement that has taken the nation, some sort of social experiment, we’re not exactly sure why or when it started. There are some pretty interesting theories out there such as the clowns are tools to drive paranoia into the masses so they buy more firearms, or simply that this is a promotional stunt due to some clown themed horror movies that are either recently or do to be released such as Rob Zombies “31”.

However, not everyone is finding this funny. Individuals in Alabama were recently arrested for making threats to local schools in Alabama, and authorities in Oklahoma and Virginia have put schools on lock-down due to similar threats.  New agencies in Virginia reported that a teenage girl was arrested for trying to solicit a killer clown online to kill her teacher.

Virginia Teen Arrested for soliciting clown to kill

I’m not really sure what to make of this clown thing. I am sure a lot of these encounters are a hoax, but some of them probably are not.  I do know that I hate clowns and it is not a very wise decision to partake in this scary fad. Remember folks. It’s all fun and games until someone shoots your eye out, if the Penn State University students don’t get you. Citizens are getting sick of it and are starting to fight back, and folks, do not go looking for them. Clowns are not the new Pokemon. Do not encourage this behavior.


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