Hollywood’s Nylon Pink Disbands

By Tony Sokol

Nylon Pink, the self-proclaimed “only all-Asian American female band in the United States,” is dead, manager Kaila Yu announced in an email blast to her Ninjas. But the long trip for the band once or twice described as “Hello Kitty on Acid” is not over.

Nylon Pink was formed by lead singer and former model Kaila Yu and bassist Katt Lee in Hollywood in 2008. They filled out the band with Kiki Wongo on guitar, and Jamie Scoles on drums. Rayko, the rhythm guitarist and songwriter for the bands Lolita Dark and Dig Jelly, fronted the band for a short while after Yu took on management duties.


“As you might have noticed, Nylon Pink is currently just two members, Katt and Kiki (with me, Kaila as the manager),” Yu wrote.

Kiki is a 13-year guitar veteran. Besides Nylon Pink, she performed with Taylor Swift and was part of the She Devils, the all-girl band out together by the Misfits. She also backed Usher at Fashion Rocks for New York Fashion Week on CBS.  Katt Lee, aka Kitt.E.Katt, is the designer and stylist for Nylon Pink and co-founded their fashion and jewelry line, “Hello Drama.”

Nylon Pink sing, play their instruments, and write and produce their own original material. They are a very popular headliner at anime conventions. The band covered Taylor Swift’s hit “Style” in a music video but are best known for their pop punk interpretations of Hallyu artists.  They put their stamp on such K-pop hits as 2NE1’s “Lonely” and “I Am The Best;” Girls Generation’s “Run Devil Run;” Hyuna’s “Ice Cream” and BoA’s ballad “Every Heart,” which closes every episode of the hit anime Inuyasha.

“We recently launched our Patreon campaign, for the Ninjas that were still requesting KPOP cover videos,” Yu continued. “It wasn’t a smashing success. In fact, it was far from it. But that’s totally ok! We’ve decided not to pursue Nylon Pink as a band any longer. It’s so much work and so expensive to be in a band.

“Kiki and Katt have a new music project brewing that is completely different from what you’ve seen before, but Nylon Pink as you know it is dead,” Yu wrote.

The Nylon Pink website has been transformed into a lifestyle channel, all about beauty, fashion, and travel.

Nylon Pink is taking over LA Fashion Week’s Facebook Page on Facebook Live this Thursday, September 29th at 5PM.

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