Ex-Gotti Hitman John Alite Drops Dime on the Psychic Godfather [EXCLUSIVE]

entertainment2morrowexcBy Tony Sokol

John Alite was an associate of New York City’s Gambino family during the 80s and through the 2000s. He was on John Gotti’s crew.

Ex-Gotti Hitman – John Alite

According to his official website, Alite was “a murderer, drug dealer and thug” who “turned his life around and is now a bestselling author, crime consultant expert, performance coach, and keynote speaker.” He told his story to journalist George Anastasia for the book GOTTI’S RULES, A Story of Money, Murder and Betrayal, which HarperCollins published in 2015. His official website says Alite “hopes the book will be a springboard to other opportunities to tell the story in other mediums.”


Alite took a break during an interview this author was doing as his gig as Gangster Geek for Den of Geek to speak exclusively to Entertainment 2morrow about another medium entirely.

“I call him Jay,” Alite told us. “His name is Jason Donegan. He talks about people who have passed, things of that nature. His mother was a psychic. His family has a long line of psychics. We met each other in the early eighties. We used to go to Vertical Club together. That was a club that was running in the city of Manhattan on 58th and 2nd right off the bridge.”

“I was the personal psychic to [Vertical Club] executive Tom DiNatale VP Sales,” Jason Donegan told us. “He had used my Aunt Terry (Rita Lippis) and my mother Claire.”

The Vertical Club was the Studio 54 of eighties health clubs.

“I met The Donald at the Vertical Club,” Donegan said.

“We all went there,” Alite agreed. “Bruce Cutler went there. Bo Dietl went there in those days. Tommy DiNatale, who was a friend of ours, used to run it. I actually hooked him up with his wife. They got divorced and she married Bo Dietl after that.”

“Bo is living in Florida and I believe he married Margo,” Donegan corroborated. “Bruce Cutler would come in and sit in Tom’s office, which was all glass.”

The Psychic Godfather – Jason Donegan and friend

The future psychic to the stars was working as a corporate psychic and attending Marymount Manhattan College on a theatre scholarship at the time.

“John is always stoic but he listens with an ear to the ground like a Indian because he knew my inner circle,” Donegan said. “John helped me with all my charity work and it took place in City Hall with the Mayor Koch administration.”

“Jason was a very good psychic,” Alite said. “He started reading a lot of us and he got friendly with me and he stayed friendly with me. I talked to him about writing the book. He talked to me about my future and he’s been on the money on everything.”

“He warned me about Junior Gotti, years ago, as a kid,” Alite confessed.

“I told Johnny ‘keep Victoria’s name out of your mouth. John Jr. is your nemesis, not the women in the family. Respect is what John Gotti Sr., gave to you and John Jr., betrayed you,’” Donegan clarified.

“Some of the things that he said were incredible,” Alite said. “He became one of my best friends, advisers I would say. I used him for a lot of his opinions and things. I trust him impeccably. He’s just a great guy.”

We asked Alite if superstitious Sicilian mobsters asked Jason to remove malocchio. “Yes you he got a lot of that.”

But the most of the sessions were more serious.

“He talked about some of the murders that went unsolved,” Alite said. “He talked about the futures, good and bad. Some people don’t want to hear it but we talked openly about my stuff.”

“He used to go down to Lauderdale. He met John Gotti Senior also and I started joking and nicknamed him Psychic Godfather because he was really that good. And even Senior spoke to him about things and asked to meet him.”


The Gotti family would disagree.

John Alite

“I think one of the Gottis tried to say that he never talked to the father,” Alite explained. “But this is just what they do. He knows everybody that was with us when Gotti was down in Fort Lauderdale. That was the first time he talked to Gotti.

“Gotti said he wanted to talk to him. We were at a night club. Senior used to tell us not to tell Junior he was down there because we were playing around with broads. I mean, Junior came down there once or twice with us, but, for the most part, it was Mikey Scars, Bobby Boriello, Joe Watts, myself, this kid Noel who used to run around for Mikey. He was a gofer. I actually heard they straightened him out, which is a joke.

“It was us and a bunch of broads. They were very good looking women. Senior always wanted them over there when we were there.”

The Psychic Godfather pled the fifth on the former Teflon Don.

“John Gotti, Sr., is not here,” Donegan said. “I respected him and admire him,” was all he would say.

“We had a great time and Jason was on the money with everything he told everybody, so it really built his reputation,” Alite offered.

The cosmic consigliere also conjured cash connections.

“He pointed me in the right direction on a lot of things,” Alite grinned. “I got to tell you the truth. He’s good. I swear by him and tell everybody, ‘listen he’s expensive now, I mean it’s hard to get you cos he’s booked four years in advance, but he’s there. He talked with other guys within the mob. I keep it private, that’s his business. A ton of guys within the mob he would talk to.”

Donegan said he was also approached by Nuzio Gambino.

“He said, ‘I understand you have the gift of sight,’” Donegan said and began to read. “A woman was talking and he said to her, ‘I like your pearls. Shut up please or I will strangle you with them.’” After his reading, Mr. Gambino said to me, ‘I own the VIP Club. Ask me for anything and you will have it.’”

jdSometimes the psychic didn’t even have to ask because gangsters can also anticipate people’s needs.

Gambino “gave a birthday party on New Year’s Eve at the El Morocco,” Donegan said. “He called Playgirl editor Cisley and he said, ‘Jason’s on the phone.’ Nuzio said, ‘I’m sending over a car. You will sit with me.’”

The Psychic Godfather has had his share of fun, but he also has his mysteries.

“He said something years ago about me,” Alite said. “That I’m not dead but he can’t see me. I laughed when he said that and asked what does that mean and he said ‘I don’t know exactly.’”

“I said to John, ‘you died from The Life. You will be reborn out of the Phoenix ashes. What your journey will become I cannot reveal to you. Not that I cannot see it, but I’m not allow to tell you. You will do great things but you will discover the journey through the positive actions you engage.’”

John Alite rejected an offer of life in the Witness Security Program to motivate at-risk youth as a keynote speaker.  You can learn more about him at his website.



19 Comments Add yours

  1. victoria gotti says:

    they both need to leave “it” alone , “it” will grow by itself ! delusional mutts


  2. Ang says:

    Haha He’s a pathological liar and anyone that really did the homework on this guy would know that!!! Changed man? Well you should see the recent disgusting messages he’s sent to numerous ppl he’s a fraud!! Want proof see @Johnalitefacts


  3. Ang says:

    He did not know John Gotti SR and that’s a fact!! So this article can’t be taken seriously.


  4. Denny Daniel says:

    Tony always writes such informative articles. I try to read all his stuff. Looking forward to the mag and the great articles the 2 of you will do. This article does Not disappoint!


  5. Mob Sam says:

    Reading this article, I understood John Alite in saying that the Gottis are in denial on Jason Donegan. Victoria Gotti validated Alite’s statement that they would oppose the truths. Excellent article, Tony Sokol, I want to read more!


  6. Carissa says:

    Why are people even giving this lying scumbag a forum to spew his crap is beyond me. This dude isn’t even Italian, he could never be more than a glorified pissant yet he keeps perpetrating a fraud like he was some important bigwig in the Gambino hierarchy. Go check out JohnAlite: FACTS if you want to read about the .


  7. Angel Gotti says:

    Jason Donegan never met with John Gotti, John Alite NEVER met with John Gotti in Florida or any where else. This is fraud. I am suing John Alite and would NOT mind adding more names to this lawsuit!


  8. Angel Gotti says:

    When John Gotti Senior visited Florida the Metropolitan Intelligence Unit gave him AROUND the clock surveillance. Some high profile “gangsters” were assigned four or five agents, John Gotti had TWENTY FOUR! They followed him everywhere! To the point of embarrassment! At the pool they sat and watched every move he made, hundreds and thousands of hours of surveillance photos and recordings. John Alite now has buddies at the FBI why didn’t they present even one photo of him and his FRAUD psychic with John Gotti at court when he testified AGAINST my Brother John A Gotti?? There is NO such photo or recording because it NEVER happened! Former head of the FBI Bruce Mouw testified that John Gotti Sr was the most surveilled man in the country and after Senior went to prison, it was John A Gotti who had that honor! John Alite can not produce one photo of John A Gotti and him together after Nov 1991, NOT one because he was chased by John A Gotti. I defy you, I dare you to show one piece of evidence proving me wrong! Alite’s buddies in the FBI couldn’t find one! FYI: John Gotti Sr NEVER believed in psychics!


  9. JUDGE says:

    The Psychic Godfather article reads that Jason Donegan is a “credible clairvoyant” and was John Alites “psychic” and team member in Mr. Donegan’s charity causes.

    The article is about John Alite and Jason Donegan clearly stated, John Gotti, Sr., is not here,” Donegan said. “I respected him and admire him,” was all he would say.

    Hence, it is clear Mr. Donegan clients was Tom DiNatale and John Alite.

    Mr. Donegan is succinct and a Gentleman and clearly gave the Gotti Ladies respect and a good “final answer” answer to Mr. Alite.

    “I told Johnny ‘keep Victoria’s name out of your mouth. John Jr. is your nemesis, not the women in the family. Respect is what John Gotti Sr., gave to you and John Jr., betrayed you,’” Donegan clarified.

    Mr. Donegan set the tone for respect to the Gotti Ladies and protected your honor.

    You may want to reread the article to understand Jason Donegan’s answers put the Gotties Ladies in a very good light and a positive position.

    It appears you misjudge Ladies your allied territories being protected by Mr. Donegan.

    I rule for the defendant “The Psychic Godfather” case dismissed!


  10. Angel Gotti says:

    Judge there is NO reason why the Gotti women shouldn’t be a very good light. They haven’t done a thing to either one of them. Alite is a pathological liar and all I do is call him out on his lies. Jason Donegan never met John Gotti Senior in Florida or any where else. He’s never met John Gotti Jr either. Why bring up their names? Alite can’t get through any interview without lying and bringing up the Gotti name, if Jason Donegan is such a good psychic why doesn’t he tell his friend to stop lying?? If you saw what these two did as far as poor Karina Vetrano, I’d bet you’d change your mind real quick! Despicable!


    1. JUDGE says:

      Miss Angel Gotti,

      You are “assuming” Jason Donegan never met Mr. John Gotti, Sr., in the 1980’s.

      Mr. Donegan is a “credible” clairvoyant and had Jason’s Psychic CJ Tea Room storefront with many success to his name.

      Do you know Jason Donegan was voted # 1 for the sooth in the defunct Brooklyn Bridge Magazine and a undercover journalist was a walk in and was so accurate she was bewildered?

      In addition to finishing a scholarship degree at Marymount Manhattan College located on East 71st, NYC. Which I confirmed a 1994 Honor Theatre BA Graduate.

      Mr. Donegan was coined Psychic Godfather in a jolly comment by Mr. John Alite.

      I would have to disagree with you on Jason Donegan having not met Mr. John Gotti, Sr.. Mr.

      You need to stop casting suspicion on the Psychic Godfather of Downtown Brooklyn and maybe engage Mr. Donegan for a reading.

      However; I tried and Mr. Donegan has been on a hiatus writing his book Psychic Godfather.

      Mr. Donegan has read many people in Downtown Brooklyn, his family is well establish in the Downtown Brooklyn Political areaa.

      It’s a fact Mr. Donegan has helped clients children cope with their deaths and has extending his charity to walking with them with his Angel Wing over their shoulders.

      Thus, he is the Psychic Godfather to his community and has co-named Abolishnist Place his Townhouse Duffield Street address which is part of the Underground Railroad which I confirmed in my research.

      Let me leave you with informational facts so you do not assail a Gentleman as Mr. Donegan in your angst against John Alite.

      Jason Donegan in his field clairvoyant field has earned being the Psychic Godfather and is quite the “Dapper Don”!


  11. Angel Gotti says:

    Jason Donegan did NOT meet John Gotti Sr or Jr and if Mr Donegan doesn’t stop it he will end up in court next to his buddy Alite! That’s a promise!


    1. JUDGE says:

      Miss Angel Gotti ,

      I preside in this courtroom and I have read all documents and no where did Mr. Donegan state he met Jr., and you just keep on embellishing to suit your entitlement.

      Miss Gotti you are in contempt in my court.

      Bailiff please escort the Lady out.



  12. Angel Gotti says:

    Think this is funny? We’ll see how funny it is. Your psychic is a FRAUD!


    1. SARGATANAS says:

      For someone who is from a family that got rich on questionable, if not downright illegal activities, you should not be pointing fingers. I am sure you and your siblings are not privy to know everyone that Gotti Sr have or have not met, or otherwise you all would have known a bit too much and would have been targeted by the authorities. As you are disputing John Alite and Jason Donegan’s credibility, you yourself, if not your entire family, are not exactly paragons of truth either. Is this a case of it takes one to know one, or it takes one to think other people are one also.


  13. Angel Gotti says:

    Here’s a FACT: John Gotti Senior was under constant surveillance. When he would go to Florida, they had the M.I.U. (Metropolitan Intelligence Unit. Some other high profile men had four or five agents assigned to monitor them. John Gotti Sr had TWENTY FOUR! He was monitored around the clock to the point of embarrassment, they even sat at the pool watching him! Former head of the FBI Bruce Mouw testified that John Gotti Sr was under constant surveillance and after he went to prison that honor was then placed upon my Brother John. Thousands of hours of surveillance photos and recordings and NOT one photo or recording of John Gotti Sr with mob rat John Alite and his fraud psychic! Not one photo or recording of mob rat John Alite and John A Gotti after Nov 1991. Alite has buddies in the FBI they couldn’t come up with one when Alite testified against my Brother. Maybe this FACT and all his lies is the reason why twelve Jurors found him to be the least credible witness.
    That’s how I know! I sat through four straight trials, I never missed one day, I listened to what the FEDS said on the stand in a court of law under oath so that kind of makes me know more than you.
    Also, I’ve never been arrested, never gotten rich off any crimes. Now you have yourself a lovely night.


  14. Angel Gotti says:

    If your psychic is so great why doesn’t he find the POS murderer of Karina Vetrano? Someone told me he posted a picture of an INNOCENT guy he accused of having something to do with it but then took the picture down?? Is that true??????


  15. Angel Gotti says:

    Paragons of truth? I’m using my real name and you’re under what?? hahahaha


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